Bettsy’s Art Circle

Bettsy’s Art Circle, are fantastic workshops for children (5-10) that are interested in shapes, colors and images. The classes take place in my studio, where we sat in the floor and create an art circle where in the center we keep materials to develop our projects. We start by talking about an artist and its contribution to art history, exchange ideas and, inspired by their work, the children create their own art piece. Bettsy’s Art Circle is a great way for children to develop values, fine motor, concentration and socialization skills; within small groups and a safe environment. The goal for the art sessions is to stimulate their imagination and creativity while the children have fun. Classes are directed by Mexican artist Bettsy Garcia Montijo, MFA with focus in studio art, independent artist and mother.

Requirements: 5-10 years old, willing to follow instructions and happy around people, comfortable clothing. Cancellations are made at least 24 hrs previously to class.

Materials: Non toxic and are included.

Location: One Leicester, 1 Leicester Road #01-12, SG 358828

Cost: 30 sgd session of 60 min

Hours: Monday 5:00-6:00 pm (5-10 yo children)

Classes open with a minimum of 2 students and have a 4 place limit.

Contact:, +65 8233 3994


Drawing and Painting with Bettsy

These sessions are dedicated to children from 10 yo+ who are interested in learning drawing and painting foundations. These sessions are aiming to produce art (classical or experimental) with better quality where the student applies perspective, shadowing, color mixing, measurements among other concepts. We use charcoal, water color, gauge, pastel, oil and acrylic as medium. Classes can be customized and designed for the student who may be children preparing an art portfolio or students who have their own concept and wish to develop it with better skills.

    Requirements: Comfortable clothing. Cancellations are made at least 24 hrs previously to class.

    Material: Material is included except for canvas and oil tubes.

    Location: One Leicester, 1 Leicester Road #01-12, SG 358828

    Costo: 40 sgd, 60 min session.

Horario: Wednesday 5:00-6:00 pm

    Contact:, +65 8233-3994

Adults Drawing and Panting

Are you an adult interested in learning to draw and paint to become a better artist? Do you need to relax, connect with your self or channel your creativity? Do you want to create an experimental master art piece to hang at home? This may be a great class for you or a group of friends. Students begin by learning art fundamentals and later choosing their own project in which we work one on one. Take your project to next level while learning and having fun too. We will use mix media, water color, charcoal, gauge depending on your individual project. Please consider that while using oil painting takes longer to dry, it produces astonishing effects.

    Requirements: Be at the studio 5 min before to set up. Cancellations are made at least 24 hrs previously to class.

    Material: I will pass you a list of basic material to initiate. Take into account that art materials last for years of usage, so the investment for good quality is a no brainer.

    Location: One Leicester, 1 Leicester Road #01-12, SG 358828

    Cost: 70 sgd, 1.5 hrs session.

Schedule: 10:00-11:30 am Monday & Friday.

Contact:, +65 8233-3994