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Umbilical, art exhibition, 2018

  • Substation Contemporary Art Center 45 Armenian Street Singapore, 179936 Singapore (map)

A celebration of an umbilical bond through time, art, and blood, of two meaningful souls that meet each other in unconventional ways.

This exhibition is a tribute to my grandmother and a gift to my daughter, who missed meeting each other by 12 years in time.

As artist and curator, I feel happy and excited by sharing in Singapore this exhibition with artworks, created by three generations in our family. Consuelo Villaseñor Romo, Bettsy Garcia Montijo and Simonet Valencia Montijo.

Simonet is an enthusiastic 8 y/o, who uses ink and paper to create uncontainable imaginary scenes with animal characters. Simonet is interested in family stories about animals; like the one where her great grandmother, the young Consuelo, saved a snake, “Niña” (little girl) from being killed by a farmer, then she cared lovingly for it many years.  Also the story about Consuelo’s possum who had to be protected from “Gringo”, the crow who lived inside the house and would often get jealous. Simonet’s passion pours on paper like an unstoppable monsoon, for her drawing skills are inherited by her great grandmother Consuelo and, passed on by me, Consuelo’s granddaughter.

My artwork is a mixture of experiences from my childhood, my adult life and my experience as mother. My painting is inspired by old and new events and by children’s imagination. I depict  scenes of utopian worlds where plants, animals and dreams bring balance to reality. I believe art is a tool to communicate valuable messages and that everybody has a creative vein within ourselves, specially children.

The eccentric Consuelo had an aura of tranquility that radiated to those around her. She enjoyed playing piano and painting since childhood. There were times where nana Consuelo lacked of brushes to paint, so she used cows hair to make her brushes and disposable paper plates to paint on. Uncontainable too, her spontaneous brushstrokes and her particular view of life, taught me the importance of feeding and strengthen your soul to confront hard moments in life.

The different artworks in this exhibition are made by three females in different stages of life, who used their love for animals and nature, imagination, thoughts, and life stories as main ingredients. Umbilical presents artworks in oil paintings, mixed media, video among others and it is a glimpse into our family life and Mexican culture wich we are honored to share in Singapore.