Spring Art Camp 2019
to Apr 5

Spring Art Camp 2019

Colorful Art Camp during spring holidays for children (5-10 years old) that enjoy art. We will explore water color, gauge, charcoal and we will create fun projects to take home. Classes will be conducted by Bettsy Garcia Montijo, MFA, at her studio. Each session will cover a project, will have a 10 min break in a safe environment and classes will be in Spanish or English if needed.

Schedule: 10:00 am- 12:00 noon, from Monday, April 1st to Friday until April 5th 2019.

Location: Artist studio at One Leicester, 1 Leicester Rd #01-12, Singapore.

Cost: 5 sessions, 2 hour each for 300 SGD . Includes non toxic materials, snack and air-con in a safe environment.

Limited to 5 students, camp opens with a min of 2 children.

For reservation or inquiries contact Bettsy at 823 3994

The following gallery features my talented students artworks:

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Umbilical, art exhibition, 2018
to May 20

Umbilical, art exhibition, 2018

  • Substation Contemporary Art Center (map)
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A rare glimpse into genetics through art

Group & Family Exhibition by           

Consuelo Villaseñor Romo†, Bettsy Garcia Montijo

& Simonet Valencia Montijo


Painting, video and mixed media by three Mexican artists united by blood and unexpectedly by art passed from grandmother through granddaughter to great-granddaughter.

Consuelo was known for her impressionist colorful paintings of landscapes, animals and portraits; her granddaughter Bettsy, surealistically portrays human figure and dreamful landscapes. The great granddaughter little Simonet, fills books of paper drawing tirelessly  fantastic animals in scenes full of commotion.

Come and join us for Opening day Friday,

May 18th, 6:00 pm, 2018.

The Substation, Contemporary Art Center, 45 Armenian Street, Singapore 1799

        xhibition will also open Saturday, May 19th, 10 am - 7 pm. and

Sunday, May 20th, 10 am - 2 pm.

Contact: bettsyarte@gmail.com , +65 8233 3994,  www.bettsyarte.com



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to Jul 1

"Taller Esperanza" Julio 2017 en Hermosillo, Son. Mexico.

En una zona de mucha pobreza en Hermosillo,Sonora, México, se encuentra un barrio llamado “El Chaparral”. Me enteré de este lugar y de las carencias que sufren las familias que ahí viven, gracias a Lucia Yanez. Lucía es la activista principal en ese barrio y, dona su tiempo y esfuerzo (independiente de instituciones gubernamentales) con el apoyo de otras mujeres. Juntas, este grupo de mujeres proveen a las familias con cenas navideñas, ropa, cobijas, juguetes y hasta se organizaron para que diariamente estos niños tengan asesorias y no se rezaguen con los deberes escolares durante todo el año.

El ejemplo de servicio y dedicación de estas mujeres me ha inspirado no solo a apoyar con cosas materiales a estos niños, sino que este verano 2017, quiero organizar un taller gratuito de arte para ellos. Estos niños no tienen acceso a un campamento de verano como muchos privilegiados, pero creo que juntos podemos darles la oportunidad de que creen arte y tengan una linda experiencia.

Al parecer la respuesta es felizmente abrumadora y varias decenas de los niños de “El Chaparral” están emocionados con la idea de aprender a pintar!

Me gustaría contar con tu ayuda: Patrocina a un niño con 15 sgd!! para que se lleve un regalito a casa con materiales de arte de verdad y siga creando arte aún terminado el taller. Tenemos hasta el 1 de Julio del 2017 para recibir tu ayuda. Al final del verano te muestro la foto de tu apadrinado.

Contacto: Bettsy Garcia M., bettsyarte@gmail.com, www.bettsyarte.com ,  +65 8233 3994

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to Mar 4

Solo Painting Exhibition by Bettsy Garcia Montijo!

With you, I can hear music. Contigo escucho musica. Oil on canvas, 36x48 in, 2015.

With you, I can hear music. Contigo escucho musica. Oil on canvas, 36x48 in, 2015.


Frizzed Hair and a Brush to Paint.

Paintings by a Mexican artist who celebrates four years living in Singapore (2013-2017). Inspired by the imagination that children bring into our lives, Bettsy depicts in colorful scenes an utopian world where plants, animals and dreams bring balance to reality.

Join us for an afternoon with art and a cup of wine with friends!! Opening day Thursday March 2nd, 6:00pm-9:00pm.

The Substation, Contemporary Art Centre, 45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936.

Exhibition will also open Friday, March 3rd, 10 am - 7 pm and Saturday, March 4th,  10 am - 7 pm.

Artwork available for sale.
Contact: bettsyarte@gmail.com , +65 8233 3994,  www.bettsyarte.com

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Open Studio!!
9:30 AM09:30

Open Studio!!


Open Studio!!

Monday, November 23rd 2015
9:30am-2:30 pm
1 Leicester, One Leicester #01-12. SG 358828
5 min walk from Potong Pasir mrt.


Friends and friends of friends, I want to invite you to my studio!

     My little artistic corner is going to be opened just like my home for those who want to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, for the ones who like art and for the ones who are looking for a piece of art inspired by children. I will have limited edition digital prints that will be the perfect gift for the dearest little one in your life or in a friends life.

     My work in limited edition print truly represents the original paintings. These prints are made in a specialty laboratory and produced in museum quality archival paper, that will last for more than 7 decades. Despite producing a small edition of 20 prints of each artwork and, in order to provide authenticity in my work, I hand paint over the prints before it reaches the buyer. 

     In the occasion that you like a print that is not available at the moment, make me and order and you will have it after a week, home delivered and hand painted by me. Each print has a cost of 220 SGD and If you would like to acquire more, I am pleased to make a discount.   

     Its a pleasure to me to spend time with friends and share my work. If you are just interested in knowing more about what I do and want to have a colorful morning, please stop by !

     Please support this friend and artist, inviting your friends to this gathering.


Color your life!

Bettsy Garcia Montijo



65 8233 3994

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