Early morning, in my studio in Singapore. October 2014.

    Bettsy Garcia Montijo(1978) 

   Bettsy Garcia Montijo, MFA. Was raised in Ures, Sonora Mexico. She got the degree of Master in Fine Arts from the University of Arizona in 2007, in studio art. She was the only international student in her class that made figurative work with great quality. Garcia Montijo took courses of painting and art history at the Univeristy of Arizona, Pimma Community College and University of Sonora. Bettsy got her bachalor degree in Clinic Chemistry at the University of Sonora (2000).

    The Mexican panter has 10 solo exhibitions and 37 collectives in museums and galleries in Mexico, United States, Canada and Singapore. Her work has been featured in the covers of two books and has been published in newspapers like EL Imparcial, La Voz, Tucson Weekly and in tv channels in Arizona and Sonora. She has experience as curator and painting workshops instructor. Her work has been selected “The Best Piece of Show”, including all diciplines shown in 4 juried exhibitions at the University of Arizona.

    The painter won a grant from the “Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes” from the Sonora Goverment in 2010, to devellop a project to create awarness agains breast cancer.  Bettsy worked 10 yaers in research in the Molecular and Cellular department at the University of Arizona until 2011.

     Garcia Montijo uses charcoal, oil, acrilic, photography and mural techniques in her art process. She is very experimental with her mixed tecnques, using some time organic materials such as human hair, nails amog others that help to carry the message of her paintings. The mexican painter is an independent artist living in Singapore since 2013,  where is inmerse in the culture. In her painting she tries to express her thougtsusing socio-political, scientificelements and the human figure.